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MIDI to PS/2

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This project was originally designed for NextDAW to let you control the software using a real MIDI keyboard.

The device can connect over PS/2 interface but also USB and announces itself as a keyboard - which means you can use this on a device like a MiSTer or even a PC.

This project is effectively a keyboard mapping from your MIDI controller. If you wanted to use it with software other than NextDAW you could modify the source and build a new firmware to suit your specific desires.

All source is available on github:

Misc FAQ

  • Does this work with MiSTer? yes

  • Does this work with MiSTer? yes

  • Can it work with Cspect? yes

  • Can it use other programs (other than NextDAW)? not out of the box, but with some small code updates which I'm happy to help you with

  • Can it be used to play cords? only if the DAW software permits cords via the keyboard, currently for NextDAW it's not possible

  • How can the firmware be updated? Windows, Linux and macOS are supported, the firmware update is a process of connecting over USB and dropping a file into the Pico mounted drive

    Drop me an email at if you have any questions.

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MIDI to PS/2 (and USB) kit for Spectrum Next and others

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MIDI to PS/2

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